Ultimate Volume, Radiance & Protection

Looking for a safe, natural hair care product that is good for your hair and your family? DO Hair Care products protect hair with the natural healing power of laurel leaf oil to repair your hair while making it feel silky and smooth. Created by a team of experienced and award-winning cosmetologists, the products were tested to protection and are now available in shampoo, conditioner and oil. Order your products today and protect your hair with this natural, ground-breaking product today. We do not test on animals.

Let's be real people!! Our hair is everything to us, keeping it healthy and vibrant can be a challenge. Those days of dull, and thin looking hair are a thing of the past. Well where do I begin, this was a lifelong dream to create a product that can deliver amazing results. I have been fortunate to work in the "best" city, NYC meeting people from all over the world and listening to them as they tell me what they want for their hair.

I have also been blessed to travel and land myself in Greece where I opened my own salon and listened to more amazing people and their hair goals. So I knew I had a job ahead of me. How can I create a product that will take care of our needs? Let's face it we live and work in a fast paced world with ever-changing haircare. I needed to think fast and be efficient. Who to turn to but my family without them I could not have had this dream. We worked endless days and hours to develop a formula that would work for everyone and Wella! Our baby was born Daphneleo Hair Care. An all-natural product that derives from Bay Leaf aka Laurel Leaf that will leave your hair full of bounce, shine, and of course looking and feeling healthy!

Bay Leaf is pronounced "Thafneleo" in Greek hence where the name came from.